Aureus Park Truffles

They said we were crazy when we started developing our trufferie in 1999, but we hope 2015 will see the fulfilment of the dream; with the maturing of our grand truffle experiment in the Yarra Ranges of Victoria.

The 2015 truffle season is shaping up to be the best on record in Victoria with growers reporting strong truffle “signs” already showing in the advanced trufferies. Anyone who has seen, smelled, tasted or cooked with Victorian truffles already knows that they are of outstanding quality - this is because they are meticulously cultivated and harvested with such passion...

This year will be the first that we can offer a limited but consistent supply of Victorian extra quality truffles from the Yarra Valley and Wattle Flat regions through our close relationship with some local pioneer growers.

We will be delivering to our restaurant customers on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the season which will begin in June and are keen to see Victorian Truffles on our Chef’s menus! We are able to specify the provenance of all our truffles for your customers’ information.

Please contact Daryl on 0419363137 or via @TruffleDaryl.

We are also happy to sell direct to the public and can have them posted to your door in a wink.

Please register your interest on the form below if you would like to purchase truffles or to be informed of truffle happenings over the course of the 2015 season.